Sofie De Nijs

° 1977-06-06 - Kortrijk
Number of enterprise 0812.466.060

Sofie De Nijs graduated in 2011 and holds a Master degree in Law from the University of Louvain.

She is experienced as a lawyer at the Bar of Louvain (period 08/2001 until 05/2005) and the Bar of Bruges (period 06/2005 until 03/2011).

Subsequently she worked during four years as a legal advisor in a construction firm. Her acquired legal knowledge in the private building sector combined with her practice as a lawyer, makes her an expert in construction law and relating legal matters.

At present she took up her practice as a lawyer again, and now specialises in construction law and commercial law.

She is appointed “curator” (trustee in bankruptcy) by the Court of Commerces. As curator she knows the law of insolvency and all of its aspects, including the connected matters (Company Law, Labour and Employment Law, etc…).

Next to her mother tongue, Dutch, she speaks English and French.