Ingrid Opdebeeck

Ingrid Opdebeeck

Ingrid Opdebeeck is the founder of the lawyer’s office. Since February, 26th 2016 she has retired and is no longer active as a lawyer.

Since 2001 she has associated with Isabel De Groote and Nele Matthys joined the office as associate on October 1st 2009.

Ingrid Opdebeeck has gained a wealth of experience in a very wide range of fields. Without limiting herself to any particular branch of law, she was highly experienced in the areas of Civil Law, more particularly Personal and Family Law, comprising amongst others Marriage Law, Co-Habitation, Divorce, the legal rights of children, Adoption, as well as Inheritance Law, Construction Law, Contract Law and Liability.

Based on the experience gained over decades as a partner in two very active and modern Ghent law firms, she has founded a law firm that is equipped with the very latest techniques. She knows how to give direction to her co-workers and how to make them passionate about the daily practise of the legal branches in which they have specialised.

She had a Juris Doctor from the University of Ghent (UG) (1969-70) and a Masters of Law degree (1971-1972) from the University of Virginia, Charlottesville (USA) where she studied on a grant from the American Women’s Club Association and Fulbright Hay. She took a year out to study in 1974-75 at New York University and then again in 1989 at the Vlerick School of Management, Belgium’s top leading business school, which immediately gave her a more realistic view of the business world, its structures and problems.

In the context of the legal reforms she was appointed as a deputy Justice at the Ghent Court of Appeal, mainly sitting in the fiscal chamber, a position which she filled for about four years.

She was a member of the Vlaamse Juristenvereniging (Flemish legal association), the Flemish Conference, the IBA (International Bar Association) and the Fulbright Alumni Association.