Our objectives

With legal assistance from Opdebeeck, De Groote & Matthys, the job is always completed. We don’t cut corners. Our main areas of expertise are on the one hand Civil Law and Personal and Family Law, on the other Commercial Law, Economic and Social Law, Criminal Law, Public Law, Tax Law and International Law.

Both private clients and companies can make use of our services.

Legal action is not something to enter into lightly. Very often ‘going to court’ is a highly emotional moment, the result of a careful weighing up of the situation: What is going to happen? Can I win? What are my chances?

We don’t enter court lightly. In the first place we look for a solution for the problem . If it is still possible to solve the problem amicably, we will advise and help you to close a watertight agreement with the other party. Only when this fails we will, with your approval, initiate the appropriate legal proceedings. Once we have reached this stage, consultation with the client is crucial. We do not lose sight of the costs.

Our great advantage is that we are versatile. We are not overspecialised. This allows us to maintain a perspective on the whole intricate web of legal problems. Our experience and knowledge can guarantee this, as well as the efficient way in which the tasks are internally allocated, which ensures a thorough approach of your specific problem. Our staff works in a highly efficient way which is well thought through. It is only on this basis that your case can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Your contribution is applied and appreciated.