Our fees

We inform you beforehand about the financial consequences of your case. An estimate is made of the expected costs and fees. The amount of time that is spent is a crucial factor here.

We have a basic hourly rate. There are many possible variations on this rate, subject to consultation. We will keep you informed in good time and as far as possible about extra costs due to new developments in your case or unexpected additional work.

We use provisions to allow you to spread your payments more easily. You pay these as your case progresses. Our price consists of the fee for the work done by our lawyers plus the costs incurred.

The base hour fee is € 125,00 (VAT excl.) for Isabel De Groote, Nele Matthys and Sofie De Nijs, and € 100,00 (VAT excl.) for the other associates. The nature of the case, the urgency with which action has to be taken and the result are criteria on the basis of which this amount can be adapted. Another element that is taken into consideration is your financial capacity. Thus the base hour fee is charged to you provisionally during the evolution of your case. At the termination of your case an adaptation of the base hour fee is made taking into account the above-mentioned factors. The base hour fee is adapted according to the usual correction coefficients either as a success fee (calculated as a lump sum or as a percentage). This is talked about with the client.

During the period your case is being handled, the basic rate will be charged provisionally. After the case has been closed, this rate can be adapted depending on the aforementioned criteria. Either the basic hourly rate can be adapted, or a premium can be remitted. This is subject to consultation with the client.

The costs we charge include both general costs (secretarial services, library, building, connection to legal databases, IT and communication services) as costs specific to the case. The latter comprises both internal (correspondence, e-mail, fax messages) as external costs (court process-servers’ fees, charges for entry on the cause list). Our office costs are charged as follows :

opening file € 19,00 (VAT excl.)
cost and writing of letters and e-mails € 15,75 / piece (VAT excl.)
administration and accounting costs depending on the case € 12,50 to € 62,00 (VAT excl.)
telephone, faxes, copies 10 % of the secretarial cost (VAT excl.)
travelling costs (no charge for journeys within the Ghent legal district) € 0,65 per kilometre (VAT excl.)
general file costs depending on the case € 19 to € 50 a year (VAT excl.)

These basic rates do not prevent us from charging different rates, particularly to companies. We have a great deal of experience and on this basis we can conclude a framework agreement with appropriate charges. Flexibility is more than just a slogan for us.